Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Third haul 2/11/10

To continue on from yesterday, I've got my second side component CNCing:

Along with that, I've begun work on the folding preparation table, it's one of the simpler parts to the model but it involves a hinge, so I'm using it as a practice piece before I move onto the larger front and back components. Unlike them however I'm using 10mm acrylic tubing with a 6mm acrylic rod threaded down it. To prevent said thread from sliding out I've capped off the edge tube bits and sanded it down so it all sits flush. I used tensol on the hinge with mixed results, one side dried like a dream, the other part not so much, but it's overall strong enough for me to dangle, this is however not dangling:

As tensol takes a while to dry, I had to leave it for today and will re-tensol the hinge tomorrow. When it was drying I took a quick vacuum form of the side components, the outcome was favoured by most people than having it sanded down, but this then differentiates from the actual design:

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