Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Fifth haul (8/11/10-10/10/10)

Today marks the completion of the jig and a development in the material side of things. First off, the jig and its construction:

Having learned from my earlier jigs; trying to get a uniform curve is pretty hard when bending it with your hand, the best way consists of a two part jig which can be clamped together to hold the acrylic in place. On my previous one of this design the actual curve former was made of different MDF parts, sanded together to create the curve. However on this one, which has the width of 410mm trying, to maintain the exact curve along all those bits would be far too time consuming, this is why I went with using MDF splines and veneered 1.5mm plywood over them to create one smooth, uniform curve across the entire structure.

I've yet to try it out, but from my previous one of this design the curve it produces is far more accurate, and as this one is far more secure and flawless the overall finish should hopefully be near enough perfect. On the material side of things, I've got my elastic strip for both the rear and front components along with webbing for the carry handle (the shoulder strap will be brought tomorrow):

Along with those two I was told about a haberdashery website where I came across this bag fastners (MacCulloch and Wallis), which has exactly what I need. I'm going to try a few locksmiths tomorrow to see if I can find anything more precise, if not I'll be using this one.

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