Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Neun (22/11/10) - 23/11/10)

Just for a quick update, the front and rear components which are now made of an acrylic 'ribcage' is coming along nicely, but by just putting it together I've noticed how fragile it really is. Enough to hold it's own weight and that, but I'm more worried about the folding preparation table inside which is quite heavy. One possibility I thought of is making it again with a blue foam interior and 0.5/1mm styrene cladding, this would make it ten fold times lighter, but it's all time permitting. On the plus side if I did do it this way I could add a spline (similar to that in the bottom photo of this post) which would connect to the acrylic tubing, giving it once again a larger surface area for gluing.

On the other parts of the bag, I've got my handle along with tuck-tiles (which I need to pick up) and the middle compartment is being put together, so hopefully that will be done along with the front and rear tomorrow afternoon. I also managed to flatten my chemiwood side components as it had wrapped when on the mill, this was done by putting it in the oven and then clamping it down to a piece of MDF, this means I can finally sand them down which has been long overdue.

Enough words, here's the ribcage as it stands this evening:

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