Wednesday, 16 March 2011

FMP - Nine (16/03/11)

Along with my carousel I'm also building an exhibition model for the 'This is an Adventure' event next Tuesday (22/03/11). For the last event back in February, titled 'Up in the Air', I made a Zeppelin which was hung from the ceiling, with the event title engraved into the bottom side of the cabin. These two projects, which are both live and showcased in a public scenario  make up the other half of my brief, which was originally going to be an architectural model.

Moving onto the model, while it has nothing to do with the event itself, a local charity against human trafficking approached the organisers at the last event and asked if they could have something to show this time round. They wanted the word "FREEDOM" in large letters, with each letter being individual mobile so that they can be placed on different tables and wrote on by the public

The font is Nevis and was chosen by the organisers of the event who also came to the agreement of each letter being 450mm high with a depth of 250mm. Once I had the font, I just scaled it up in Rhino and exported it so that it could be lasered.

I managed to get three letters done today, F, one E and M. Each started off with the front and back panels threaded with dowel cut to 250mm:

They were originally going to be cladded with styrene but that would use up a lot, so I opted for 3mm MDF and 1.5mm plywood for curves. This of course boosted the overall height to 456mm, but that isn't a problem, considering the wooden cladding makes it overall stronger than styrene would have:

For letters, such as the F, which are either top heavy or will have a problem standing up, weighted metal rod was threaded parallel with the dowel:

Here's what they look like so far, of course they still need sanding, filling and spraying:

Here's a link to the Thisis site where more information is available about the event:

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